The Breakout Choice by SkinChoice (36 Patches)


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What is The Breakout Choice?

The Breakout Choice is a premium ultra-thin transparent hydrocolloid patch that is designed to extract impurities from your pimple. Safe to use on all skin types, this moisture-drawing patch help absorb fluid from your pimple.


  • Proven to effortlessly absorbs the fluid from whiteheads.
  • Transparent and ultra-thin, you hardly know it is on
  • Helps speed up the healing process while preventing scarring
  • Provides a protective barrier against irritants and germs
  • Helps reduce the urge to touch and pick at the blemishes
  • Can be used both day and night
  • Blend seamlessly on all skin tones

How to use?

Simply peel a cover off the liner and apply it to clean dry skin. When the color changes from clear to white, you know it is working.

What's included?

Each box comes with 36 hydrocolloid patches in size 12mm.