Super Combo Jade Roller + Rose Quartz Roller + 24K Deep Facial


Best Under Eye Puffiness Reducer, Green Jade Roller + 24K Deep Facial Peel |  100% Beauty Roller +  Premium Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller -Wavy Head -2 in 1 | 100% Facial Roller

We love to take care of your skin, how will you love this one beauty roller.

Reduce puffiness in the eyes - reduce wrinkles - improve skin elasticity or relax and de-stress with the calming vibration. 

Updated vibration motor that transfers the vibration to the skin more efficiently and producing a relaxing yet envigoring massage for the skin.

D24K Facial Peel provides a deep exfoliation without any irritation. Infused with a powerful blend of collagen and 24k gold to hydrate and plump the skin, this refreshing peel removes dead skin cells, deflects free radicals and improves skin tone and elasticity. This perfect peel also prevents wrinkles and discoloration