Women's Health and the Fertility Life-stages


A woman is many things – she is a warrior, a free spirit, a determined soul. The biggest miracle that women experience is pregnancy. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. As beautiful as it is, pregnancy can have its challenges which is why the woman needs to listen to her body and give it what it needs. It is very important to be aware of these changes and take special care at each step. This begins with preparing the body for a healthy pregnancy, dealing with the rapid changes during  pregnancy and recovering post pregnancy.


Pre-pregnancy: Preparing the mind, body, and spirit

So, you’ve finally decided to bring a baby into your life. Naturally, you’re ready to start conceiving and do everything to make it happen. However, that may not happen as quickly as you’d like sometimes but don’t fret because that’s completely normal. The woman’s body needs a little extra boost to make it ready for a child.

Book your first doctor’s appointment

Typically, people don’t think about visiting a doctor during pre-pregnancy. While this isn’t necessary, it’s an extra step with many benefits. That’s because your doctor can give you professional guidelines as to how you should proceed.

Take Prenatal Vitamins

 Most importantly, a doctor might prescribe prenatal vitamins that do wonders for the woman’s health. Vitamin A, folic acid, zinc, and other classes of nutrients are amazing for you - they prepare you for conception. Your doctor will also adjust the doses after evaluating you.

Boost your libido

Also, since you’re trying to conceive, you’re probably scheduling sex and having it more times than you usually do. Intercourse can be beautiful but when you do it so many times, it can feel like a routine. Verily, the way to rekindle that passion every single time is by boosting your libido.

You can try different breathing exercises, talk to a doctor about medicines such as antidepressants, and have intimate conversations with your partner. The intake of some vitamins can also boost the libido. These can help get you in the mood and even whisk those pre-pregnancy blues away.

Eat healthy

When it comes to increasing fertility, there’s a lot you can do through your diet. The trick is to eat as healthy as possible! Eat bigger breakfasts, include more protein in your meals, and consume those good old leafy greens.



Pregnancy: Getting ready for labor




A woman’s nutritional needs during pregnancy are always evolving just as her baby bump! And yes, the phrase ‘eating for two’ is somewhat true. Your body needs much more nutrients than usual and that’s something you shouldn’t ignore.

Reduce risks with supplementary vitamins

Plus, if you haven’t gone to the doctor during the prenatal stage, it’s a must now. All healthy mothers-to-be take supplements to support their pregnancy. These can fill the gaps left by any deficiencies and reduce various potential risks!

Being deficient in certain minerals or vitamins can cause development problems in the fetus such as Downs Syndrome. Needless to say, that’s exactly why you must make sure you’re on a healthy diet.

Don’t give into your cravings

While you will experience some cravings, it’s best to avoid those that involve a lot of junk food. You should stay away from processed foods, trans fats, sodas, and excessive sugar. And not just for your baby, but for yourself!

A diet rich in junk food can keep you up at night, aggravate lethargy, and even contribute to body pain. So, make sure you get your daily dose of iron, calcium, carbs, proteins, and of course, vitamins!

Rehearse labor

Another thing you can do to prepare the body for delivery is attend birthing classes. It not only prepares you for labor physically but mentally as well. Don’t forget that giving birth requires mental strength just as much it does the other kind.



Post-pregnancy: The dos of postnatal care

At this point, you’ve welcomed your lovely child into the family and your whole world revolves around them. That’s natural for all new mothers and it’s easy to forget yourself in the process. However, you shouldn’t let that happen. Your health is just as important!

Fuel your body with powerful sustenance 

So, give your body what it needs to recover. Take your daily vitamins, eat good food, and sleep as much as you can. All of this has far-reaching benefits for post-pregnancy libido too - especially when you make time for your partner regardless of how tiring the day gets! 

Increase your milk production

Many mothers struggle with breastfeeding especially when they have their first child. Regardless, breast milk is the single most important food for a newborn so you have to do everything you can to increase your milk production by taking the right supplements and pumping often!

The Verdict

As a woman, there’s nothing you can’t do! You’re built to be a reservoir of power so you must care for yourself. Fueling your body with the right foods and vitamins is an integral part of staying strong. Women pass through one phase to the next and we should be able to cherish each one. So, be proud of the wonderful strengths and take extra care of yourself.


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