How to Recover Your Body After Pregnancy


So, the journey of motherhood has begun. While your mind is filled with overflowing emotions of joy your body needs some time and proper care to get back on track. The well-being of your newborn baby will be your prime focus but it's also important to give yourself time and care to recover and heal inside out. Postpartum recovery is not a matter of days, normally it takes at least  6 to 8 weeks (may take longer) to be steady and somewhat back to your previous self.

Relax, eat well and think positive. 

Remember! Your physical and emotional recovery is most important not only for you but also for your baby. Following are some of the steps that can be followed to help your body deal well with postpartum challenges.

Rest to recharge your energy



No matter what type of pregnancy or delivery you've experienced, your body has been through a lot. Keeping all other thoughts on hold, prioritize your own and your baby's comfort at the top of the list. Try to figure out a routine that enables you to get enough sleep. Ask for help if required. The goal here is to give your body ample time to recover and rejuvenate.


Eat healthy, recover fast



The food you eat is not only a source of energy but also plays a major part in speeding up the recovery process. Your body has worked hard for 9 months to protect and to provide nourishment to your growing baby. On top of it, the ordeals of delivering a baby result in some major deficiencies. Eat healthy meals. These will be a prime source of raising your energy levels. Providing your body the strength to heal and adapt well to the new physical requirements of you and your breastfeeding baby. Your postpartum diet should include portions of;

  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Proteins
  • Organic gluten-free whole grains
  • Probiotics
  • Nuts/seeds
  • Dairy products

Stay hydrated

It's very important to stay hydrated during the postpartum period. Your body needs to heal and flush out all the toxins that have built up inside. This is only possible through the consumption of adequate quantities of healthy fluids. Avoid drinking unhealthy drinks such as sugary processed juices, soda drinks, alcohol, and caffeine. You can consume clean water, herbal teas, and fresh juices to aid the process of digestion and detoxification in your body.

Engage in mild exercise



According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)your unique experience of pregnancy and delivery determines when and how you can engage in physical exercise. As the days pass by and the physical wounds start healing, it's important to engage in some mild exercises. Staying physically inactive for longer durations of time is not a good option. You can consult your physician to seek approval for mild to moderate level of exercise. 

Start to build your exercise routine from a few minutes a day, gradually increasing the time duration and intensity. You can engage in mild aerobics, breathing exercises and go for a small walk. Physical exercise will:

  • strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles 
  • strengthen your leg muscles
  • give a boost to your energy
  • help you get back to your shape
  • relieve stress

Engage in gentle natural detox


When the initial most challenging postpartum days are over. You can follow a natural and safe whole-food cleansing regimen. Your body works hard to detoxify itself but you can speedup this process through natural detoxification.

Natural detoxification safely supports your liver to carefully remove toxins from the bloodstream and breast milk. It's important to follow a natural route that is proven to be safe for postpartum and breastfeeding women. 

This natural detoxification will;

  • support liver detoxification function
  • boost energy levels
  • increase milk production
  • help healthy weight loss
  • activate rejuvenation of the body's internal systems

Some common unhealthy postpartum patterns of behavior that also need a major detox are;

  • Eating unhealthy convenience foods throughout the day.
  • Unhealthy sleep patterns
  • No focus on daily self-care

 Postpartum detox should be gentle, natural, and safe. Be patient, let your body heal naturally. Giving birth changes your body tremendously. Expecting to get back your pre-pregnancy body too soon is a false expectation. Focus on taking good care of yourself by eating healthy food, taking rest, and engaging in positive physical and mental exercises. Your baby also needs a healthy happy mommy, so never forget the importance of postpartum self-care. 

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