How To Deal With Morning Sickness During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a beautiful experience but those spells of morning sickness might be super uncomfortable. Women often struggle to have a good night’s sleep during pregnancy and waking up to feelings of nausea just makes it worse. 

 “Morning sickness,” refers to nausea and vomiting that expecting mothers experience in the morning and that usually subsides as the day progresses. The situation is thought to be under control unless it results in severe dehydration or weight loss.

 So, how to deal with this annoying condition? 

There are some simple tips and lifestyle changes that you can try to reduce those unpleasant episodes of morning sickness.


Take out time to rest and rejuvenate



If there’s anything that makes morning sickness worse, it is overexertion. Your body is working hard to provide nourishment to your growing baby. Schedule your activities in a manner that you get an adequate slot of time to relax and rejuvenate. Let go of unnecessary and overburdening chores. Keep your energy levels at optimum level by taking frequent breaks all through the day.


Eat small but frequent meals



Having a few large meals and staying empty stomach in-between can lead to nausea. The digestive system gets overburdened by the consumption of heavy meals while staying empty stomach also aggravates nausea. The key is to focus on taking smaller portions of meals separated by short periods of time. This helps alleviate pressure on your digestive system and also reduces food-related nausea. Make sure not to eat unhealthy snacks because those will do more damage than good. Try snacking on nuts, fruits, and raw vegetables when you feel hungry and have clean meals free of trans fat.


Drink more fluids



You’ve probably heard ‘drink more water’ a hundred times in your lifetime. And well, there’s a solid reason for that. Water not only helps your body get rid of the various toxins but also keeps you hydrated. An adequate intake of healthy fluids can aid in reducing morning sickness. But make sure to avoid sodas or packaged juices as those will simply make it worse.


Try Ginger



While modern medicine is a recent invention, morning sickness has been around since the ages. Naturally, women have resorted to various remedies to rid themselves of the unpleasant feeling. Among the many things, one can try, consuming a moderate dose of ginger. 

Ginger can help in digestion and reduce nausea. 

You can sip cold ginger ale or add a slice of raw ginger to water or tea. Snacks such as gingerbread, or ginger cookies may also help. Have ginger supplements is also a good idea. These are not just great for morning sickness, but they fight inflammation as well.


Take fresh air



Staying indoors for long duration might aggravate nausea. Try to breathe in some fresh air each day. Go for a small walk outdoors and give yourself a relaxing time to take a fresh dose of oxygen. This will help calm your mind and body and help in dealing with morning sickness.

Focus on your mental health


Pregnant women who suffer from anxiety and stress can be more likely to experience morning sickness than others. Try to make a conscious effort to think positively. Meditation, self-help books, and happy distractions are all good ideas. Positive thinking not only lifts the emotional burden but also helps fight minor physical discomforts. 

Take Vitamins


Taking prenatal vitamins is another way to reduce morning sickness. However, some work better than others and that depends on their composition. Health professionals assert that Vitamin B, in particular, can help to deal with morning sickness. It also keeps you strong, adding to the health of the fetus altogether. You can even get supplements that have vitamin B and ginger. This combination is great for resolving nausea and vomiting. So, talk to your doctor about changing your vitamins to a different composition to better fight morning sickness.

Feeling off every morning is one of the challenges associated with pregnancy. For most women, morning sickness tends to dissipate after the first trimester but this may not be true for everyone. Regardless, it is merely a symptom of your body changing and you can reduce the intensity of nausea by trying these safe and effective tips.



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