Why a 100% Natural Candle is Better than a Chemical Candle?


The flickering flame of a candle gives a cozy and warm feel to the environment, while its scents spread and entice the senses. Candles are items that originated for illumination. However modern-day candles are mostly used as a decorative item as well as an air freshener. There are so many different types of candles available in the market. The variation is in the form of color, sizes, shapes and aroma they provide. Economical prices of commercially available candles might seem attractive and tempt the consumers to gravitate towards them. However, the first and foremost factor that should be considered is " what is the candle made up of?" 

100% natural candles are made up of safe and natural ingredients. However, the majority of the standard candles available are composed of low-quality ingredients. In the absence of consumer warnings about candle emissions and their potential health effects, the responsibility of understanding the risks and benefits of different types of candles comes to the consumers. 


Why are Natural Candles Better 


Following are some of the key factors that prove the supremacy of natural candles over standard candles.


Natural wax

The standard colorful candles that adorn the shelves of many stores might seem equally or even more attractive. But the real goodness can only be judged by the type of wax that makes up the candle. Commercially available candles are usually made up of paraffin. Paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum which makes it highly unnatural. Burning these candles releases fumes that are undoubtedly harmful to anyone who inhales them and are also a source of environmental pollution.

On the other hand, natural candles are made up of beeswax, soy and other vegetable-based waxes. These waxes being natural are safe and an environmentally friendly option. Beeswax is a considerably expensive type but is a lot firmer and possesses a sweet aroma and color.

Natural Wax is Biodegradable

Natural wax being biodegradable is easier to clean if an accident spilled it on surfaces. The empty candle containers can also be recycled.

Essential Oils



The natural candles have 100% pure essential oils in them. The therapeutic benefits of using essential oils is already an established concept. So as these candles burn, the sweet aroma of the natural oils creates a calm and soothing feel. These candles are used effectively in aromatherapy, where the scent of these natural oils serves as a stress reliever and many other benefits are also experienced.

Free From Chemical Emissions

Natural candles when burned do not contribute to any sort of chemical emissions. These can safely be used at homes. Chemically formulated candles emit toxins while burning. These emissions might contain benzene, toluene, soot, as well as other potentially carcinogenic volatile and semi-volatile elements. These chemicals when inhaled can cause serious health problems especially respiratory diseases.


Last longer

Making a decision based on price only might seem a bit difficult, as the standard ones are quite cheap in comparison with natural candles. But it has been noted that the natural candles last much longer and keep burning for a longer duration of time. While the other ones burn out rapidly making the usage cost almost equal.


Choosing the Best Natural Candles

 If you have decided to go for the natural option for candles, do not get distracted by the colors and flashy packaging. Rather focus on some key areas.

  • Be cautious while purchasing candles on which the ingredients are not mentioned.
  • Carefully read the labels to determine the purity of the candles.
  • The candle is made up of 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Free from Synthetic Ingredient
  • Fragrances With Essential Oils
  • Paraffin Wax Free

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