What's All The Vibe About Charcoal Soap?


Charcoal has made a great place in the beauty and health industry lately. It can be seen in face cleansers, masks, blackhead removal strips and deodorants. Being in the limelight, activated charcoal-based soaps are also gaining great popularity.  

It's always good to learn what lies inside a product before celebrating the benefits it promises to provide to our skin.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Charcoal is made when a high carbon content material such as wood, nutshells, fruit pits etc. are burnt at a high temperature without oxygen. Whereas activated charcoal is its form, that has been activated by exposing it to oxygen, which in turn opens the carbon atoms. This process makes it highly absorbent. Now in its activated form, charcoal tends to extract and trap various impurities therefore making it beneficial for use in health and beauty products.

Activated Charcoal Soap

The activated charcoal is combined with some natural oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil and formulated as a soap. This activated charcoal soap provides the cleansing and detoxifying effect making it a hot favorite in the category of skin cleansers.

Benefits of Charcoal Soap


Remove the extra oil from the skin

Oily skin is the root cause of many skin problems. Excessive oil production can be controlled by the use of charcoal soap. It gently removes the excessive oil giving a fresh and clean look to the skin

Provides deep cleansing

Our skin is exposed to so many impurities each day. These dust particles first sit on the skin and if not cleaned properly, make their way deep down blocking the pores forming black and whiteheads along with acne. Charcoal soaps not only absorb excess but also detoxifies your skin by removing deep-seated impurities. Skin pores get a deep cleansing and the result is a smooth feel and visibly glowing look.

 Help Reducing Acne

The formation of acne can be traced back to many different reasons. But the most common cause is oily skin coupled with an ignorant skin cleansing routine. The regular use of charcoal soap can deal with this root cause of acne quite effectively. As discussed above the skin pores are cleansed and the excessive oil is removed as a result chance of an acne outburst are minimized to a greater extent. In addition to this benefit, acne scars and uneven skin can also be cleared to some extent.

Provides Gentle Exfoliation

The carbon content of this soap gives the benefit of gentle exfoliation. The dead, dry skin cells along with the dirt particles are removed giving a youthful look to the skin. The essential oils give an additional boost to the overall cleansing and exfoliating process by their magical antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Treating enlarged skin pores

According to a 2016 study, enlarged pores are caused by;

  •  excessive sebum: the sebaceous glands being overactive release unnecessary oil on the skin surface 
  • decreased skin elasticity
Dirt and impurities settle deep down, blocking the pores and making them appear larger. Activated charcoal with its super cleansing powers works wonders by unclogging the pores, leaving them visibly smaller.

Looking at all the amazing benefits this soap provides, a highly priced product comes to mind. But in reality these soaps are quite inexpensive and give a great pampered and moisturized feel to the skin.

So are you ready to experience the benefits of this amazing black charcoal soap bar?

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