The Magic Behind a Green Jade Roller


What if I told you it’s now possible to give yourself a youthful glow. So that you actually generate noticeable results on your wrinkling, dull, dry skin and puffy eyes. And what if I told you, all of this can be achieved naturally, and in just a few minutes per day, from the comfort of your home. Are you interested in learning about this truly praised beauty tool? 

I know you do... Congratulations you are at the right spot. We will delve deep into the world of Jade rollers and come up with valuable information.

 The History of Jade Rollers 

The Jade roller is not a new invention, its origin dates back to seventh-century China where it was used as skincare tool by the elite. The Mayans and Egyptians also took advantage of the natural cooling properties of Jade along with other gemstones for massage and muscle relief. 

What is a Jade Roller?

This beautiful gadget has nothing complicated. It is simply a sort of rolling pin for your face that is made up of the gemstone called Jade. It has a handle with a jade stone fixed at one or both ends. The healing properties of jade when coordinated with the massage, generate noticeable positive results for the facial skin. Jade is a beautiful stone that has made its reputation as a healing stone throughout history. Times have changed but the physical and spiritual healing benefits of using this gemstone are still acknowledged. It is famous as a stone of health, wealth and beauty, which works magically by attracting positive energies and warding off negativity. Recently this has been in the limelight in the form of a facial roller and gua Sha and praised by prominent beauty icons as a natural beautification tool. 

How do Jade Rollers Work 

The manner in which these rollers work is very simple. Jade is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also cool to touch and it tends to retain its temperature even when it is in contact with the skin. This cooling sensation is penetrated with an effective massage,  providing a number of benefits. The cool massage improves blood circulation, enhancing the transportation of oxygen to the skin cells. Jade roller massage provides lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels which carries a fluid to get rid of toxins throughout the body. A jade roller massage primarily stimulates the lymphatic system leading to the drainage of harmful material and toxins. Thus leading to a fresh, bright and improved skin.

 Jade Roller Benefits

The benefits that can be reaped by this wonderful beauty tool are backed up by a scientific rationale. The natural qualities of the jade stone are utilized for skin beautification through an effective facial massage. Following is the summary of the key benefits that are witnessed.

  • Reducing puffiness
  • Stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightening skin complexion 
  • Relaxing facial muscles 
  • Reducing stress
  • Maximum absorption of other moisturizers, serums and other skin care products.

How to Use a Jade Roller

Using a jade roller is a very easy and enjoyable practice. In order to make it more successful make sure to approach it as a pampering and beautification regime. 

  • Keep your roller in the refrigerator to enhance the cooling effect.
  • Prepare your face well. Your skin should be clean and free from any makeup products or impurities.
  • You can apply your desirable skin care products in order to get maximum penetration.
  • Start from the center of your forehead, moving the roller from your brow line towards the edge of your scalp.
  • Continue rolling the jade roller from the center of your face outwards in order to draw fluid away from the face, as you gently cover all the areas.
  • From the middle of the face, roll downwards towards the neck to help to promote lymphatic flow.
  • Always apply a light but consistent pressure as the facial son is very delicate. If the hurts this indicates that you are pressing too hard. 
  • Just as the Jade roller takes care of your skin, it is very important to keep it clean and germ free. Don't forget to sanitize it properly after every session and store at a clean dry place. 

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