The Benefits of Using Handmade Natural Soap


 Everyone wants a clean, smooth and shiny skin. In the pursuit of this goal, we tend to buy many different brands of soaps and cleansers. All of them claim to be the best products. But do they work? 

The real, simple, unfiltered answer to this question is that most of the time inside those flashy and attractive packaging are the products that are NOT soaps. The correct word to describe their composition would be a synthetic detergent. While detergent is best at washing clothes, what effects will it have on your skin?

So, before you reach out for those perfectly advertised products that claim to be the best soaps, do a little favor to your skin and research.


Explore the World of Soaps

Soaps can be found in many different forms, shapes and sizes, with or without fragrance. They come under several different categories such as antibacterial soaps, beauty soaps, moisturizing soaps, facial soaps etc. In our daily lives, we use these soaps to keep our skin clean and fresh. But have you ever tried to dig deep and find out the hidden ingredients of the products you are applying to your precious skin? If not, get ready for the surprise.

There are basically two types of soaps available:

  • Commercially made soaps
  • Natural handmade soaps

Commercial soaps might seem attractive and economical but in reality, they are not the best product for your skin. Whereas natural soaps are made of natural ingredients and have a lot more benefits for the well being of your skin.


What are Natural Soaps

Natural soaps are made of a variety of natural ingredients, most of which are organic. The process of making these soaps usually involves blending plant-based oils that are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and valuable nutrients.


Benefits of Using Natural Soaps


Get the goodness of purely natural ingredients

Natural handmade soaps are made with natural ingredients. These types of soaps are specifically targeted towards individuals who are super conscious about the purity of the product that comes in contact with their skin. Free from harmful chemicals these types of soaps are mostly a product of love and passion to deliver natural products to the consumers.

On the other hand, commercially available soaps are petroleum-based and made through employing a lot of chemical processes. They are a combination of various artificial cleaning agents that are added during their manufacturing process. The labels stating natural oils aditions are often misleading and not true. Pure oils are not used in their production, rather a by-product that comes out from the purification of vegetable oils is added. Handmade soaps are made of natural ingredients that are beneficial for all skin types.


Gentle touch- Maintains the ph. level

Your skin is the largest, most visible and sensitive organ of your body. It can lose its moisture and get irritated if exposed to harsh chemicals. By the use of natural handmade soaps, you are making sure that pure natural ingredients come in contact with your skin. The natural ph. level of our skin is around 4.7 to 5.5. The natural soaps maintain this ph. level safeguarding your skin against getting more acid, dry or irritated. The commercial products contain harsh chemicals that disturb this balance causing many skin problems.


Moisturized skin with the magical glycerin

Glycerin is a natural skin moisturizer. This magical ingredient is produced during the process of soap formation. Glycerin is preserved in natural soaps therefore keeping your skin soft and subtle. Commercially manufactured soaps do not have this ingredient in them because most of the time it's removed and sold to the cosmetic industry to gain extra revenue.


Enjoy the therapeutic effects

The essential oils used in handmade soaps are super beneficial. They provide aromatherapy that not only relieves stress but also promotes good sleep. Some essential oils can calm you down and uplift your mood. The therapeutic benefits of natural handmade soaps is surely a benefit you will enjoy the most.

Deep cleansing by opening clogged pores

Natural handmade soaps can open clogged pores and offer deep cleaning to the skin. It has been reported by people having acne that the use of natural soap has  improved their skin condition by gently unclogging the pores, reducing breakouts of acne and blackheads.


Suitable for sensitive skin

There are several skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and SLS-sensitivity which are aggravated by the use of commercial soaps. Natural soaps provide a safer, more reliable option. They will be gentle to the already inflamed or irritated skin and may even provide a soothing effect due to the natural ingredients.

Environmental friendly

The natural ingredients of these soaps are not only beneficial to us but also are safe for the environment. The extraction of petroleum based lathering agents in commercial soaps make them harmful not only during the process but also when they go down the drain back to the environment.


Natural soaps are superior at all levels. From their ingredients, processing to the final product, they prove to be a safe and healthy option for your skin. The well formulated, natural soaps are undeniably the best choice for individuals who believe to protect and preserve their natural skin and overall wellness.

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