Pairing up Jade Rollers with the Best Creams and Serums


Are you in search of a tried and tested beauty regime for a smooth, shiny and glowing skin? Jade rollers might be the right choice for you.

Jade rollers and gua sha have become popular beauty gadgets that have recently gained tremendous fame. The gemstone that adorns these tools possess some secret healing powers along with the scientifically proven benefits. The gentle massage provides an instant glow to the skin by elevating the lymphatic drainage and relaxing the facial muscles.  

However, initially is it quite natural to be skeptical about the benefits this tool promises to provide to your skin. You might have also thought, how does a simple beauty tool magically upgrade the skin condition by a mere massage action? You might be cautious about tugging and dragging movements on the delicate facial skin. In that case, your concerns are absolutely correct. 

The jade rollers and gua sha's are super effective when used in combination with an effective facial oil, serum or any other good moisturizing product that is suitable for your skin.

In our skincare routines we often apply multiple facial serums, oils and moisturizers in our quest for a healthy skin. The effective use of a jade roller does amplify the benefits your skin care product deliver. In contrast with the topical application by hands, the massage function of the jade rollers ensures deep absorption of the product to the inner layers of the skin. In addition to this, the cooling properties of the gemstone results in pore minimization after the absorption of the product. Thus providing a deep rooted goodness to your facial skin.

What Products Can Be Used With Jade Rollers And Gua Sha And Which Ones To Avoid Using?

Ask yourself a simple question. What unique benefits do you wish to provide to your own unique skin type? The skin condition along with the type of skin is the primary factor that determines the best suitable product that will deliver the desired goodness.

Intensive Moisturizers for Dry Skin

 If your skin is dry, go for a super moisturizing product, which provides intensive moisturization making your skin more soft and radiant after each deep penetrating jade roller massage session. 

Soothing Products for Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive, choose a soothing serum, gel or cream along with the jade roller. It will help refresh your skin by reducing inflammation. Look out for natural calming ingredients such as lavender, green tea or rose extracts in the products. The anti-inflammatory properties of these serums or creams work effectively to decrease puffiness and impart a healthy glow.

No Harsh Products

Avoid using any harsh or skin irritating ingredients. These might include topical vitamin C, retinoids, retinols, alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids (AHAs or BHAs). The products containing such harsh chemicals can cause a reaction on the skin. Lactic acid and glycolic acid present in some products might even damage the roller stone.

Choose a product that allows a smooth, safe and enjoyable slip effect for the jade roller to effortlessly glide along the skin surface and provide a beautifying facial massage.

Study your skin needs and choose a suitable product that you can effectively pair up with your beautiful jade roller. Making each massage session super relaxing and beneficial.


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