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“Love of Beauty is Taste, the Creation of Beauty is Art”.

Congratulations! You have proved to be a creator of beauty, willing to take care of yourself...

I presume you are already aware of the multiple benefits of facial rollers. But let's take a quick review. Facial rollers are in the spotlight. These shiny pieces which are commonly made of jade or rose quartz surely entice the senses of those yearning to find the best beauty regime. This fancy tool might seem quite advanced but in reality, its usage can be traced back to ancient China, where wealthy Chinese women used it to beautify their skins. The proper and consistent use of this beauty tool,

  • rejuvenates the skin,
  • reduces lines and pigmentation,
  • improving the overall tone and texture.
  • reduces stress

Not to forget, the spiritual benefits that are derived from the gemstones these gadgets are adorned with. If you want to learn more, go ahead and introduce yourself to the world of facial rollers. Click on the links below.


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How to Use a Facial Roller

Finally, it's time to pick up that beautiful gadget resting on your shelf and start rolling. Just as holding a magical wand in your hand will not guarantee a perfect spell, the maximum benefits of a facial roller can only be achieved if it's used correctly. 

Following is a simple step by step guide to make sure you do it right. 

Step 1- Prepare your skin

Have you noticed how well the playground is prepared before the real match starts? That's exactly what we need to do at the first step.

Begin with a clean and moisturized face. You can also add an additional layer of your favorite serum or a sheet mask enabling the ingredients to penetrate deep down in your skin. 

Step 2- Start rolling on the neck and jawline- relax the tired muscles 

 Start rolling on the neck and slowly move upwards. The areas to cover at this step are all sides of your neck and your jawline. Keeping a gentle pressure move the roller on your neck or clavicle to the base of your chin. Switch to a back and forth motion starting at the center of your chin and going towards your ear. These sweeping gentle strokes will clear the lymph passageways before you move ahead to your face.

Step 3- Next comes the forehead- say goodbye to the fine lines


Now it's time to give your face muscles a relaxing massage. On your forehead use a vertical stroke. Start from the upper edge of your eyebrows rolling outwards towards your hairline.

Step 4-  Sides of the nose and cheeks- get the lovely glowing skin 


Start rolling on either side of the nose pushing towards the cheeks using horizontal strokes. Next roll on the cheeks rolling outwards away from the center of your face. Continue rolling on chin, upper lip and lower lip. At the chin move along the lower jawline towards the ear lobe. Repeat the same from the other side.

Step 5- Eye area- remove puffiness and dark circles

The skin under and above the eyes is very sensitive. Make sure to use gentle strokes avoiding rough movements. Start from the upper inner edge at the point your nose touches the brow and roll outwards. Now roll gently under the eye.

Ta-da! You have successfully given yourself a super relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage. 

It is said that you can’t buy happiness. BUT you can buy a massage, and that’s kind of a massage you can do yourself. So why not give your skin the love and attention it deserves.

Key Points and Expert Tips

Your face is the most beautiful and visible part of your body and deserves the best treatment.

Keep in mind the important points making your experience an enjoyable and fruitful one:

  • Always do face rolling upwards and in one direction – never roll up and down.
  • Keep the pressure gentle, exerting force can result in damaging the sensitive capillaries under the skin causing red spots
  • The eye area is super sensitive deal it with extra care and gentleness
  • Apply a face roller chilled in the fridge. Crystal face rollers stay cold naturally but if you use a extra-chilled tool it will help tightens skin pores 
  • Repeat every motion three times on each part of your face
  • In order to reap the maximum benefits, take out 5 to 10 minutes daily or at least three times a week for this facial roller massage.

While choosing the best facial roller might seem difficult, always look out for the high quality of stones and a convenient handle to provide an effective massage.


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