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Making choices is always a bit difficult. Be it the choice of choosing a donut from a group of visually appetizing confectioneries or choosing the best beauty gadget for your precious skin. The perfect way to deal with these moments of confusion is to do a bit of research.

So I assume the beautiful lady out there has decided to get hold of this fascinating skin transformational gadget, the facial roller. But with so many dazzling pieces to be seen in virtual stores, choosing the best one is surely a difficult decision. And this is why I am here… To hold your hand and take you in the world of facial rollers. To find out the best and the most suitable one for your beauty regime.

Facial rollers

As the popularity of this facial tool began to rise, rollers adorned with different crystals have made a presence in the market. Facial rollers are surely the best beauty gadgets which will benefit you in a number of ways. While these benefits are universal, the unique intensified magical effects are directly related to the type of stone used in the creation of the facial roller. There's the Rose Quartz Roller, Obsidian Roller, and the most famous Jade Roller. Each of these possess their unique physical and spiritual attributes. So your choice should primarily be based on the benefits that you want your skin to receive.

Lets dig deep into the treasure of magical benefits these gems have kept hidden just for you.

Jade roller



The stunning green stone has a lot of benefits. This is the reason for its popularity in the global beauty industry as well as in Chinese medicine. Renowned for healing properties it is known as a cleansing stone. 

Using a jade facial roller will provide you the following physical and metaphysical benefits:

  • help keep your face from sagging and looking dull
  • a cooling effect that soothes irritation and reduces inflammation. 
  • can help get rid of wrinkles and blemishes as it causes lymphatic drainage. 
  • tightens skin
  • raises the immunity of your skin
  • reduce anxiety by its properties of emotional healing
  • provides calming effect through its cooling touch

Rose quartz roller

Rose quartz, like its blushing pink hue, is tied to gentleness, soothing energy, and love. Favored as a beauty treatment by the Egyptian goddess Isis, and used by modern energetic beauty practitioners. Today, as in ancient China, rose quartz is used in gemstone facial rollers and gua sha tools.

The noticeable benefits of using this gemstone for facial massage are:

  • reduces stress
  • removes negative energies
  • repairs and heals cells
  • softens fine lines
  • eliminate toxins all over your face, jawline, and neck to 
  • even out skin tone  
  • can be used on sensitive skin, rosacea, or eczema to reduce inflammation

Amethyst Roller

Amethyst is a gemstone with enduring popularity, and it’s probably due to more than just its intense purple color. It’s also more than just a pretty rock.  

Amethyst facial massage is said to give the following benefits:

  • reduce acne
  • tighten the skin
  • decreases inflammation and increases circulation.
  • helps to oxygenate the skin and brighten it
  • full of negative ions, which helps it to attract positive energy
  • lessens stress, anxiety and negative energy

Obsidian Facial Roller

Obsidian is truth-enhancing.  A strongly protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity, is believed to protect against negativity and stress. 

The noticeable benefits of using Obsidian facial roller are:

  •  balance and inner-peace 
  • has healing powers that can improve your mental well-being, stress and anxiety
  • softens skin and hydrates skin.
  • minimizes pores, 
  • prevents breakouts

I hope you enjoyed this guide, learning the properties of each type of facial roller. You have all the reasons to choose the best one for your skin. I invite you to move a step towards youthful radiance and balanced spiritual energy with the use of Heaven of Joy's collection of facial rollers. 

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