Facial Rollers- Do They Really Work?


Who does not like to flaunt shiny glowing skin and a face that's clear and radiates energy? Yes! it's a dream come true for most of us. The truth is that this dream will not come true without an effort. We do not have a magic wand that can transform our dull, dry facial skin with fine lines and puffy eyes into a babyface. A good skincare routine along with the use of some revolutionary products is the key to firm, bright and smooth skin.

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.”

Reno Laszlo

Facial rollers are the talk of the town these days. These shiny pieces which are commonly made of jade or rose quartz surely entice the senses of those yearning to find the best beauty regime. This fancy tool might seem quite advanced but in reality, its usage can be traced back to ancient China, where wealthy Chinese women used it to beautify their skins.

A wide range of these famous skin rollers can be found adorning the shelves of various physical as well as virtual stores. But before you get hold of this much-hyped beauty gadget, let's explore the world of facial rollers.

The Anatomy of Facial Rollers

Facial rollers are most commonly made from jade or rose quartz. They usually have a rollerball and a firm handle to coordinate with the massage movements. There are a variety of rollers out there with varying sizes, stones and different types of handles. For example, a mini roller is a travel-friendly roller smaller in size and has only one roller head.

How Does a Face Roller Work?

Have you experienced the relaxation and visible glow on your face after taking a gentle hand facial massage? Facial rollers use the same technique providing the awesome benefits of skin repair, regeneration and protection. It is proved by science, that when your face is subjected to light and consistent strokes of pressure, it stimulates the blood flow in your facial tissues. 

The Proven Benefits of Using a Face Roller

Now it's time to learn what exact benefits will facial rollers be able to provide for our skin.

Beat the numbers…..be fresh and young

The consistent and correct use of facial rollers reduces the effects of ageing, by renewing the skin cells. Facial toners,

  • improves skin's elasticity by toning 
  • relaxes tired face muscles
  • makes skin fresher and brighter by increasing blood circulation all over the face.
  • improves the production of a facial protein called collagen.

The facial massage through these rollers when done correctly generate noticeable results making you appear younger and fresh.

Sooth your eyes by removing dark circles

The cooling effect is generated by stones used in the facial rollers thus reducing the size of blood vessels around the eye area. Your dark circles and eye bags will vanish after a few applications.

Allow the goodness to sink in

You can use rollers in combination with your skincare products, such as moisturizers and serums. The consistent and gentle strokes will help in making the product absorb well into the skin. 

Relieve the tension caused by stuffy sinuses

It has been noted that using facial rollers can help clear out stuffy sinuses. 

Get rid of the toxins

 The rolling stones create a massaging effect on your skin. As a result, the lymphatic drainage is stimulated and the skin gets detoxified. The process also helps direct excess fluid to the lymph nodes.

Light up your mood and push away anxiety

The use of facial rollers can help relieve anxiety. Your mood can be lighted up and a feeling of freshness accompanies it.

Properties of the Stones Used in Facial Rollers

Since the popularity of facial rollers has increased tremendously, the markets are flooded with all types of rollers including the ones that are substandard. Your facial skin is very sensitive and should never be subjected to the usage of any item that might not be beneficial.

Let's discuss the various benefits of stones used in the facial rollers. This will help you evaluate the benefits of each one of them and choose the most suitable one for your valuable skin.


 It can tighten the skin and provides, 

  • a cooling effect that soothes irritation and reduces inflammation. 
  • can help get rid of wrinkles and blemishes as it causes lymphatic drainage. 
  • grows, tightens skin
  • raises the immunity of your skin.

Rose Quartz 

This beautiful crystal is symbolic of love and beauty. It can provide the following benefits:

  • reduces stress
  • removes negative energies
  • repairs and heals cells
  • softens fine lines


This powerful crystal has protective qualities. It is thought to

  • reduce acne
  • decrease inflammation
  • tighten the skin


This stone encompasses the powerful properties of fire, water and earth. This stone,

  • has a healing effect
  • Rejuvenates skin 
  • maintains an overall skin balance

While choosing the best facial roller might seem difficult, always look out for the high quality of stones and a convenient handle to provide an effective massage.


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